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About the Evidence Based Company

Welcome to The Evidence-Based Company! We are thrilled to have you here and introduce you to our organization. We value the importance of utilizing evidence-based practices and interventions in all of our work.

As a modern manager, facing complex challenges every day comes with significant challenges. Juggling the needs of your direct reports, stakeholders and customers requires constant attention and awareness. Often, the information you need to do this is incomplete, biased, hearsay or just absent. What you need is evidence and insights on how to use it.

Our commitment is to help you and your organization leverage evidence-based practices to unleash business agility for your teams, customers, and stakeholders. We are the experts in this field who have written the books, published the papers, and have used EBL as a competitive advantage for the past ten years. We are leaders in this field so we can provide effective and innovative solutions to the challenges facing our clients.

"The truth will set you free,

but at first it will make you angry."

-Jerry Joiner

Focus Areas

Focus Areas of the Evidence Based Company


Goals help organizations collaborate toward a common good. The 3 levels of goals in evidence-based management help ensure that your teams are aligned, delivering value, and adapting when necessary. We not only want our teams to align to an outcome, we also ensure that the outcomes we are chasing are valuable to customers.


But goals are not enough. We need to prove that how we are working is both effective and leading to customer value. Measures and metrics used correctly can give us the insights needed to make new and better decisions as opportunities and issues present themselves. With evidence-based management, you’re working with real data in real-time.


The ability to change and adapt to new situations is the competitive advantage in today’s world. With Evidence-Based Leadership we are continually learning and challenging our assumptions. When we learn something new we follow the data, not the status quo. Embrace change, follow the data, and win in your market.

"You must constantly evaluate the usefulness of both your goals and what you are measuring. Your goals, what you measure, and how you measure will change and evolve as your products and customers change and evolve."


Patricia Kong, Todd Miller, Kurt Bittner & Ryan Ripley

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